SOF Hours and  Events… SOF Hours and Events…
OPEN M/W/F & 2nd Sat.10-2. *RESTORATION DAY- Sat., FEB. 11, 2017*

The Veteran's Flag Wall Project The Veteran's Flag Wall Project
NEW 6'x12' Metal Flag will be installed behind the SOF Granite monument.

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  The Pioneering Spirit of Flight...

The Spirit of Flight Center offers a truly unique blend of modern and historic aviation history. The world class facility was designed for anyone who is interested in being around aircraft and the airport, and for those who enjoy the inspirational spirit of aviation.  It is an environment that blends vintage and corporate aviation while promoting the love of flight.

You can put some fun back into your business life by being a part of the history of aviation every day you are in the office!

Quality office space is available at the Spirit of Flight Center, as well as cost-effective, high quality corporate hangar space. Aircraft and flight memorabilia are displayed to honor the men and women who have contributed to Colorado aviation history and to also educate the general public on the efforts to build and fly aircraft.

The Spirit of Flight Center is available for special event rental providing a most memorable setting. We can help with your event!

• Corporate Hangar Space   
• Office Space
• Special Event Facility Rental 
• Vintage Aircraft
•Aviation Memorabilia and Tributes • Tours

To become part of the Spirit of Flight, reserve office or hangar space, arrange a tour, or for more information, contact our offices at- or 303-460-1156, ext. 21.